I've been thinking more and more about the individual properties or aspects of running your own business, be it hobby or otherwise. One of the obvious things I need, being in the fiber industry, is a label that works; and not just works, but works on multiple levels and for multiple factors: States the brand; Provides info for yarn or spinning fiber (base name, fibers, weight, colorway); and Is eye-catching but not distracting I loved the labels I used to have for The Yarn Side several years ago; they were kind of rock'n'roll and worked for both my yarn and... Read more

I began writing a post the other day, all about a business aspect that I was dealing with, but when sitting down this fine Sunday to finish writing, I blanked. My mind was empty, all thoughts about that topic (branding) I may have had at one point had left me. That's fine, that's fine. I'm hopeful it'll all come back to me. (Please come back to me.) As I sit here now, taking occasional peeks of the sun beginning its journey down, I'm feeling very in-the-moment and peaceful. (And also sleepy, but that's pretty much every day.) In the air... Read more

Bee Mice Elf is run by dyer Lars, based out of California, who has been working on a series called Mixed-Up Monday. I don't know how I've missed it, but I have, and I look forward to each new update. An amazing exploration of using a base of CMYK dye solutions, Lars' Mondays involve walking through how she mixes the dyes, then uses different strengths and blends to create various shades and tones. Each update to the series is a thing of beauty. Here's an example of her latest mix for purples: Thing of freaking beauty. Just look how mixing... Read more

If you don't follow my Instagram, you'll have missed a recent project I completed with Malabrigo Rios in Plomo. It's probably my favorite go-to color, but for this particular project it was a perfect shade of gray with some purple undertones. These are my NezuShi mitts that I knit for a friend of mine. We share a love for the No. 6 anime, and the two protagonists are represented in these mitts: the one shown on the left represents Nezumi, whose name in Japanese means "rat"; and the one shown on the right represents Shion, who was named after the... Read more

One of my recent tasks for Swoonish was to protect the spinning fibers while being stored. Between moving from the drying rack to the table for photographs, then to the office for inventory, there are numerous ways in which the fiber can be disrupted. In trying to preserve the smoothness, which is difficult enough during the dye processes at times, I purchased protective covers to place them in for storage. It also gives me a chance to neatly insert the tag with fiber info (type, colorway, etc). All professional like. My lazy game was strong that day, as some yarn... Read more