Previously, I shared works in progress, one of which was the Barley hat by Tin Can Knits. That's been completed, blocked, and now sadly packed away since it's really close to moving time(!). I knit it with my new DK line, called Livy, and it held up beautifully. Really loving how much squish there is, and how quickly the pattern knit up. Barley by @tincanknits. Not blocked, so I'm curious how much it'll grow. Need to weigh how much is left of the skein, but I really enjoyed knitting with the Livy base and the pattern itself. #barley #tincanknits #swoonish... Read more

What moving in a month really means is that I'm procrastinating on too many things, all involving packing. Packing is the worst. Followed by cleaning areas that were missed for too long. Ew. Fairly certain there's dog hair still caught in corners of the carpet, even though Rowan passed seven months ago. Not looking forward to the carpet cleaning. I'm off topic before I even really got on it. Oops. My method of procrastinating the packing has been to work on knitting projects. One project, Razzle, is using some Test Run yarn. I dyed it, thinking it might replace the... Read more

I recently finished a pair of socks I'd been working on for about three months. Three. Months. Does that put me in the running for slowest sock knitter? The pair before them took me about four or five, I think. Maybe longer. Just my lot in life, I suppose. Brianna: slow sock knitter (she's learning to deal with it). The pattern, Socks on a Plane, is a design by Laura Linneman, and can be found on Ravelry. The pattern itself was rather easy, and the only thing I'd change in the future would be the cuff. It's not tall enough... Read more

I've been thinking more and more about the individual properties or aspects of running your own business, be it hobby or otherwise. One of the obvious things I need, being in the fiber industry, is a label that works; and not just works, but works on multiple levels and for multiple factors: States the brand; Provides info for yarn or spinning fiber (base name, fibers, weight, colorway); and Is eye-catching but not distracting I loved the labels I used to have for The Yarn Side several years ago; they were kind of rock'n'roll and worked for both my yarn and... Read more

I began writing a post the other day, all about a business aspect that I was dealing with, but when sitting down this fine Sunday to finish writing, I blanked. My mind was empty, all thoughts about that topic (branding) I may have had at one point had left me. That's fine, that's fine. I'm hopeful it'll all come back to me. (Please come back to me.) As I sit here now, taking occasional peeks of the sun beginning its journey down, I'm feeling very in-the-moment and peaceful. (And also sleepy, but that's pretty much every day.) In the air... Read more