After Asher, who is now six months old, showed how mouthy he's become, destroying all store-bought toys, it became clear that I needed to crochet him a baby. Now, I've crocheted plenty of toys for my previous dog, Rowan–some were simple tubes, others ovals, and at least one that I dubbed an 'alien'. She had her favorites, but they all lasted quite a long time; some even lasting several years. Their longevity was partly due to tight stitching, being super stuffed, and being able to easily repair holes by crocheting over them. This resulted in a frankenstein baby being born,... Read more →

March 2016 - Mountain Sound The latest round of the fiber club has been received, so here we are with the reveal! The fiber this month was 50% superwash merino and 50% tussah silk. It's soft, with a great sheen from the silk, and was a pleasure to dye. The colorway, Mountain Sound, has a wide variety of spring bloom and earthy colors, which I'm excited to see spun up by the club members. This won't be repeated, as is the case with all club fibers. I'm taking April off from the club, but May's spots will open up in... Read more →

This past Saturday involved a trip to a near-ish park, where we took Asher on some hiking trails. This killed two birds with one stone. First stone: get off my ass. Second stone: socialize the dog by encountering other park goers and their dogs. We skipped the dog park section since the county requires paperwork and an annual fee, both of which we can do but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. The hike was kept short, since my chest was feeling heavy. That isn't a new sensation; it happens whenever I over indulge in salty stuff and... Read more →

I'm behind in sharing this on the blog–oops! Friends of mine (the lovely hosts of the Caffeinated Knitting podcast) asked me to do a mystery fiber club for them, so that they can explore colors and fibers outside of their comfort zone. I decided to play along, since it would allow me my own opportunity to explore fibers I haven't dyed before. The first installment was in February, which you can see below. February 2016 - The Ama Pearl Divers The fiber I chose for them was a blend of superwash merino, bamboo, and nylon. This was a specific blend... Read more →

Long story short: a puppy joined the family! He's a rescue puppy, who was named Wyatt by his foster mother. I refuse to have an animal named after a Charmed character (the whole litter of puppies were named after Charmed characters; no, thank you). After playing the alphabet game on the 2.5 hour drive home with him, Caryn and I settled on Asher. Ash. Ash-face. Ash-hat. Ash-hole. Hey you. Here's the fierce creature, working on strengthening his teeth and jaws on some stick that had it coming. Look at that evil glare! Fear the tiny cute thing with an insatiable... Read more →