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It was the night before a friend had her pop-up shop at Black Mountain Yarn, about an hour away, and I had nothing on the needles. Well, not nothing, but nothing really conducive to both chatting and paying attention to charts at the same time. Socks and I have had a falling out–mostly, I just don't have the patience right now. Because I wanted something relatively easy, with enough interest that would keep my attention, and yet also quick because I'm clearly a product knitter and want the immediate satisfaction of a finished project, I chose a DK weight shawl.... Read more →

After Asher, who is now six months old, showed how mouthy he's become, destroying all store-bought toys, it became clear that I needed to crochet him a baby. Now, I've crocheted plenty of toys for my previous dog, Rowan–some were simple tubes, others ovals, and at least one that I dubbed an 'alien'. She had her favorites, but they all lasted quite a long time; some even lasting several years. Their longevity was partly due to tight stitching, being super stuffed, and being able to easily repair holes by crocheting over them. This resulted in a frankenstein baby being born,... Read more →

This past Saturday involved a trip to a near-ish park, where we took Asher on some hiking trails. This killed two birds with one stone. First stone: get off my ass. Second stone: socialize the dog by encountering other park goers and their dogs. We skipped the dog park section since the county requires paperwork and an annual fee, both of which we can do but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. The hike was kept short, since my chest was feeling heavy. That isn't a new sensation; it happens whenever I over indulge in salty stuff and... Read more →

Between work, knitting, and testing new colorways, I feel like my focus is everywhere but in one place. Lots to share, but I won't inundate with everything that's been happening around here. I'll share a couple of things that I think you'll enjoy, like new colorways! ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶ OMG Do I Try, on a new stellina base! Another new colorway, which really surprised me by how much people gravitated to it, is the beginning of a Junkyard series I've planned. The first is called Junkyard Baby, and you can see it here: It reminds me of an old baby doll, partly... Read more →

What moving in a month really means is that I'm procrastinating on too many things, all involving packing. Packing is the worst. Followed by cleaning areas that were missed for too long. Ew. Fairly certain there's dog hair still caught in corners of the carpet, even though Rowan passed seven months ago. Not looking forward to the carpet cleaning. I'm off topic before I even really got on it. Oops. My method of procrastinating the packing has been to work on knitting projects. One project, Razzle, is using some Test Run yarn. I dyed it, thinking it might replace the... Read more →

I recently finished a pair of socks I'd been working on for about three months. Three. Months. Does that put me in the running for slowest sock knitter? The pair before them took me about four or five, I think. Maybe longer. Just my lot in life, I suppose. Brianna: slow sock knitter (she's learning to deal with it). The pattern, Socks on a Plane, is a design by Laura Linneman, and can be found on Ravelry. The pattern itself was rather easy, and the only thing I'd change in the future would be the cuff. It's not tall enough... Read more →