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If you don't follow my Instagram, you'll have missed a recent project I completed with Malabrigo Rios in Plomo. It's probably my favorite go-to color, but for this particular project it was a perfect shade of gray with some purple undertones. These are my NezuShi mitts that I knit for a friend of mine. We share a love for the No. 6 anime, and the two protagonists are represented in these mitts: the one shown on the left represents Nezumi, whose name in Japanese means "rat"; and the one shown on the right represents Shion, who was named after the... Read more

The end of 2014 saw me dyeing yarn for a project that was destined to end up in (or more appropriately "on") my best friend's hands. I had hoped to finish it before we took a trip to North Carolina, but by the time it came to hit the road, I had only finished one half of the project. Said project was a set of Colorblock Handwarmers. I managed to finish the second half during the evenings in the hotel, with time to spare for her to enjoy them while in the wilds of Pilot Mountain. It was with chattering... Read more

If you recall, the mattress and bed frame for the guest room project have been purchased and/or selected. The mattress has actually already arrived (I love you, Overstock!), and the new date to pick up the bed frame from IKEA is this coming weekend (yay as-is section!). Crossing all appendages. The only thing I can't get around is the pine of the frame; there's just no room for bare pine in our design plans. I'm typically a fan of the natural wood look, but because we won't be making any changes to the room itself, just what's going into it,... Read more

I previously mentioned that we began moving forward with plans for the guest room rather quickly. It was only a few moments after we agreed that, yes, we were (a) crazy, and (b) totally going through with it, that we sat down in front of the laptop, researched mattresses, and made our first purchase for the project. We knew we wanted to go with a memory foam mattress, particularly since our own mattress is a 10" Bodipedic with a 4lb density, and is easily one of the best purchases we've ever made. For the guest room, however, we chose an... Read more

We have a friend coming to see us in September for a weekend of hanging out and being awesome. The problem is that our "guest room" is currently being occupied by us. Long story short: master bathroom flooded out into the master bedroom and walk-in closet, leaving us to have all furnishings piled up in the living room, with our mattress on the floor of the spare/guest room. The property management company is taking their sweet time (it's been 2 months since I woke up and stepped down into the pond that was our room), but we hope it will... Read more

I've always been a fan of Tunisian crochet. Abalina, shown above, perfectly illustrates why such fanage (fan-age? lots of fanning? Me Big Fan) exists. The honeycomb texture is set off beautifully by the yarn, which is in shades of gold and creamy yellow, while the decrease into the simulated ribbing helps secure it in a stylish criss-cross construction. Perfect when left to hang loose, or tucked into a jacket, it's never too early to pamper yourself. That's how I felt when I worked the prototype up in a Merino, Cashmere, and Nylon blend. It's a total hug; almost better than... Read more