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Retrospective - A selection of Instagram shots from 2013

image from distilleryimage4.ak.instagram.comI spent most of 2013 sick with one thing or another, resulting in my learning in December that I had heart failure. Even while struggling through being sick, and having emotionally up and down--mostly down--days, I often found myself on drives to the beach or the middle of nowhere (which is always somewhere, really, but new and seemingly empty in comparison to what I'm used to). It felt natural to take some photographs while visiting my favorite spots or discovering new ones, be it with my phone or actual camera. 

This photo to the left is one I took of the pier that sits at the center edge of a little beach town nearby. It's home to one of my favorite beaches, so designated because it's often lacking people and the sand glitters gold.

There were a lot of photos taken, most of them shared, but a while back I chose a selection for a flipagram video as a sort of encapsulation of what I saw. Bright, dark, beach, farmland--it's all there, all great experiences I'm glad I was able to have.

Photographs: Me
Music: Buddy DeFranco - "The Things We Did Last Summer"

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