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Mei - four plies of sweet merino heaven

Okay, I'm probably overstating things a bit with that title, but when I decided to purchase some of this base yarn I had no idea how gorgeous it would take dye.

It can be hit or miss when testing new bases. For example, there are two different bases I recently decided to test--one is the base you'll see in a minute; the other is an alpaca blend I'll discuss in a later post--in order to gauge whether they'd have the high quality I'm looking for without being too niche or dull.

This particular base could have turned out to be your standard workhorse merino yarn--could have, but didn't. It's soft, takes dye beautifully, and comes in a large enough put-up that it'll be perfect for a wide range of projects. Or, you know, for occasionally fondling. It's got strength, character, and you wouldn't mind bringing it home to/for mama, know what I mean?

Look at these gorgeous girls (yes, that was an extremely obvious slap on my own back):

Swoonish: Mei - Seam of Memories
Seam of Memories
Swoonish: Mei - Uta
Swoonish: Mei - Wicked Little Bird
Wicked Little Bird

Mei is 100% superwash merino with 435 yards of fun in a 4-ply fingering weight. Truth be told, it's about 2-3 yards more than that, but that's what I like to call a bonus when you're stretching a skein and worry it'll come down to inches. Surprise yardage!

I wasn't certain at first when I bought this base--would I like it, would I hate it, would I want to date it? Turns out it's all of the above! I like it a lot, hate to part with it now, and I wouldn't mind at least getting a little fresh with it. Sadly, all 6 skeins I dyed up sold before I could find the time to write this post. That's sad for me, not for the new owners (particularly since their new loves are heading to the post office as I write this), but I'm sure I vaguely remember squirreling away a few bare skeins that still need to be dyed.

Win, win, right?

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