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2018 was quite the year - a fiancé and a new heart


2018 was too much to try and boil down into a short summary. I guess I'll try listing it out anyway?

  • Long distance boyfriend moved to North Carolina to be with me and we discussed wanting to get married soon after
  • My heart failure took a turn for the worse and I was hospitalized in August/September
  • Doctors at Wake Forest Baptist in Winston Salem wanted me to consider either an LVAD (left ventricular device that circulates blood in place of the heart beating) or a heart transplant
  • Turns out the heart transplant was more favorable for me, as I'm type AB+, so they sent me home with an IV drip of medicine that would help my heart pump harder
  • I was told I could expect maybe a few months of the IV, but that some people it only lasted a few weeks (I was the latter)
  • During a routine right heart catheter procedure, my numbers were discussed and the team of cardiologists agreed that I needed to be hospitalized until a heart was available to me
  • Thankfully, I only waited a week in the Cardiac ICU before the Director of the department came to tell me I had a new heart
  • I went into surgery the evening of October 24th after all needed tests were performed on the heart and it arrived
  • I spent a few weeks in the hospital, healing up, learning what I'd need to know to live my life as a transplant recipient (I'm now immuno-suppressant and take a long list of pills to try and keep my immune system from seeing my heart as a bad thing and sending me into rejection
  • Since being home, I've been on a roller coaster of pain, not to mention the constant up and down of emotions, both good and bad
  • The stress of medical bills has been massive and weighs heavily on me every day (I'm drowning in debt and trying not to let it get to me)
  • I created a GoFundMe to help with that, but I honestly suck at asking for help and knowing how to reach people in general (what help I have received has been very much appreciated)
  • I'm now strong enough to get back to dyeing yarn and fiber, but have needed to wait until I had a place of my own again
  • Jason and I found a new place to start moving forward together and we move in about two weeks (I'm overly excited but also nervous about how tight things are going to be for a while as we get sorted; we may have to live without furniture or assorted household things for a while)

At the very beginning of this post I shared an image of my Best 9 shared Instagram photos of 2018, which is a hand selected grid of images that speaks to what and who I am grateful for during that year. Family, friends, spinning and knitting, this new heart (shown in the center square of the grid), and the comforts of home (tea, cuddling Asher, you get the idea). I'm hoping my 2019 Best 9 will speak in as much volume and joy as my 2018 set did.

And that's about the quickest summary I could come up with; maybe I should have actually posted during the year. Perhaps 2019 will be the year I stick to that goal? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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