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Long story short: a puppy joined the family! He's a rescue puppy, who was named Wyatt by his foster mother. I refuse to have an animal named after a Charmed character (the whole litter of puppies were named after Charmed characters; no, thank you). After playing the alphabet game on the 2.5 hour drive home with him, Caryn and I settled on Asher. Ash. Ash-face. Ash-hat. Ash-hole. Hey you. Here's the fierce creature, working on strengthening his teeth and jaws on some stick that had it coming. Look at that evil glare! Fear the tiny cute thing with an insatiable... Read more →

This Dyer's Best Friend (Don't tell my actual best friends)

Dyeing takes not just effort, but time, and a lot of it. Be it hours or days, it can get difficult to stay on my feet and not hear that little voice in the back of my head that says to just rush through what needs doing. Rushing isn't the answer. Sure, sometimes the answer is to stop for the day/night, and pick up where I left off. That's not always ideal when physically in the middle of dyeing what's already prepped. The answer for me? Not music, which I can tune out after the first few songs and inevitable... Read more →

I've been thinking more and more about the individual properties or aspects of running your own business, be it hobby or otherwise. One of the obvious things I need, being in the fiber industry, is a label that works; and not just works, but works on multiple levels and for multiple factors: States the brand; Provides info for yarn or spinning fiber (base name, fibers, weight, colorway); and Is eye-catching but not distracting I loved the labels I used to have for The Yarn Side several years ago; they were kind of rock'n'roll and worked for both my yarn and... Read more →

I began writing a post the other day, all about a business aspect that I was dealing with, but when sitting down this fine Sunday to finish writing, I blanked. My mind was empty, all thoughts about that topic (branding) I may have had at one point had left me. That's fine, that's fine. I'm hopeful it'll all come back to me. (Please come back to me.) As I sit here now, taking occasional peeks of the sun beginning its journey down, I'm feeling very in-the-moment and peaceful. (And also sleepy, but that's pretty much every day.) In the air... Read more →

One of my recent tasks for Swoonish was to protect the spinning fibers while being stored. Between moving from the drying rack to the table for photographs, then to the office for inventory, there are numerous ways in which the fiber can be disrupted. In trying to preserve the smoothness, which is difficult enough during the dye processes at times, I purchased protective covers to place them in for storage. It also gives me a chance to neatly insert the tag with fiber info (type, colorway, etc). All professional like. My lazy game was strong that day, as some yarn... Read more →

Over the past several months I've been telling myself that I should do what I can, when I can, and not push myself unnecessarily–it's been about a healthier me, both mind and body, though mostly body. It would seem that reverse psychology works really, really–like really, really–well on me. So far this year I have dyed more than I did in the latter half of last year, and I didn't even procrastinate the photographing and listing of the finished items in the shop. Really pleased with myself over that one! Now, to be fair, the times I've dyed this year... Read more →