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The "17 days post ICD surgery" selfie The photo above is proof that I'm out and about, enjoying my life (that's me on the right, btw). Today was antiquing and driving along the Atlantic coast, feeling the ocean breeze against my face and through my hair, and it makes up for dinner being disappointing. Nothing about this experience with the heart failure or the ICD/AICD surgery is getting me down. I'm doing what I can do with the idea that the rest will take care of itself. With that, I leave you with some stuff behind the cut, which is... Read more →

I've been slowly dyeing some yarn that I wanted to try out. There are two bases--the first being 100% Merino (superwash) in a light fingering weight, the other being a 50/50 blend of Alpaca and Silk in a sport weight. The latter is pretty fuzzy and a single ply. I dyed a couple of skeins in two shades of green, as well as teal, then overdyed in a bit of olive to tone things down. I knew the colors were what I wanted after the skeins dried, but sometimes reskeining can change the way the colors look next to each... Read more →

I participated in this year's Ravellenic Games over at Ravelry, which is a series of "events" that run alongside the Olympic games. There were hopes of knitting a cowl or fingerless gloves, but I couldn't get any knitting mojo to happen, so I chose to instead challenge myself to pick up dyeing again, using a technique that's relatively new to me. I'm happy to share that I completed the day before the games finished, so I was able to re-skein and braid the dyed items then take a few quick shots for Instagram and sharing on Ravelry. The lighting for... Read more →

Due to our intense love for Rowan, who happens to be Caryn's first dog, we frequently have to keep each other in check. No, we cannot afford another dog--neither in time or money. No, we honestly don't have the energy to keep up with our crazy Border Collie mix, regardless of how she's creeping closer to 9 years old, has arthritis in her back legs, and requires a chiropractor to align her back. (Know of any animal psychics that can tell this dog she needs to slow down?) But we love her and, because we love her, we wouldn't trade... Read more →