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I spent most of 2013 sick with one thing or another, resulting in my learning in December that I had heart failure. Even while struggling through being sick, and having emotionally up and down--mostly down--days, I often found myself on drives to the beach or the middle of nowhere (which is always somewhere, really, but new and seemingly empty in comparison to what I'm used to). It felt natural to take some photographs while visiting my favorite spots or discovering new ones, be it with my phone or actual camera. This photo to the left is one I took of... Read more →

Spent several days in Asheville, North Carolina, for a pseudo-vacation. The original purpose of the trip was for Caryn and I to visit and feel out the town. We wanted to find out if it was a suitable place to consider moving to in the future. Sadly, we went before Spring really, well, sprung, so we only saw a few cherry trees in bloom (totally not a bad thing; I'm a fan of cherry blossoms). What we saw was still beautiful, but I can't imagine what we would have seen if it were Spring or Fall. Oh dear--Autumnal colors! How... Read more →

The photos above are from quick iPhone snapshots through my original departure and arrival to San Francisco--leaving from Tampa and the landing for our layover in Denver, to entering the city and hitting the SAY Media headquarters for meetings. When I first drafted this post I was waiting impatiently outside the departure gate of the San Francisco airport. It was finally time to return home after several days in San Francisco, with the slew of meetings that had been setup for my team and I at SAY Media headquarters. Cue the relieved sigh from a small-town girl. Being the total... Read more →

One of my best friends came to visit Caryn and I for the weekend. We had a fantastic time, which she shared more about in her blog, It's Beautiful Here. It's always the best time when a visit involves Melanie, but this particular visit meant we had a chance to take her to the Riverside Arts Market, RAM for short. It's a market held in Jacksonville, beneath a bridge, and is home to vendors of all types, as well as various kinds of performers. It was our first time visiting the market ourselves, so to have Melanie here for our... Read more →