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Tea cups, though I have but a few, are items I always pay attention to; I can't really help myself. This has nothing to do with my love for a cup of tea every day and everything to do with how I think that there are a wide variety of personalities across the thousands of tea cup designs out there. I've seen some be overtly feminine and delicate, others rigid, some crass, a few that are very reserved, and then the complete oddballs. Really, they're all very much individual characters and I wish I could have them all (without having... Read more →

Source: via Brianna on Pinterest I'm pretty much in love with Flipboard since it means I can view some of my favorite sites in a more image-focused (and, perhaps, brain-focused) way. I tend to get super distracted away from websites and blogs when it's full of links, or when I have a manga tab open, which makes viewing via the Flipboard app that much better. One of my favorite sites to view with Flipboard is My Modern Metropolis. It always has stunning art and there are so many artists that I wouldn't have otherwise been made aware of without... Read more →

via Caryn held a contest, where those interested could submit work they create (regardless of medium) that plays on a title of one of Caryn's previous works. The contest recently ended, but it was too difficult to choose a winner, so I helped her decide. Turns out that the offer of a print-trade for the two runners-up resulted in one of them deciding they would send us the original work they created. This makes me beyond excited and extremely eager for the art to arrive! Read more →

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a truly heartfelt love note? Paper, and even electronic, testimonies from another person, driven to share their innermost feelings of love and adoration, can be many things--touching and warming, without a doubt. Sadly, in those forms, they are also subject to the elements, accidents, or many other unknowns beyond our control. Why not help those words become something more tangible, and a tad longer-lasting, that could also decorate your home or studio? Alisa Burke, of Alisa Burke: Redefine Creativity, shared a tutorial on her blog for transfering a love note to a pillow. How gorgeous are... Read more →

via I'm sometimes very biased; other times I'm very objective. Though Caryn is my fiance, there is work of hers that I don't always get or like, but, mostly, there are photos and entire series that I'm completely in love with. Yes, even if there are gigantic, dead, and totally from another land (seriously, Norway or somewhere else very distant), bugs involved. She's such an amazing photographer. I wish the whole world could see, fall in love with, and buy, her work. Especially if it means I can retire early and live in the lap of luxury due to... Read more →

In May I drove an hour and a half to meet up with fellow support team members, Melanie and Kymberlie (who was in town from Texas!). We met at Cafe tu tu Tango in Orlando to enjoy some tapas. I'd never had tapas before, so I went in with a mixture of excitement in getting to see my friends and wariness over my being able to find something to eat. Here's a fun fact: I'm not a fancy girl; I'm a steak and potatoes, spaghetti with meatballs, or pizza, kind of girl. Food with fancy names and ingredients make me... Read more →