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One of my favorite spots to visit is a stretch of beach about 15 minutes away. It's on the Atlantic side of Florida. The shoreline glitters orange, a mix of sand and broken coquina shells. Late at night, during the right season, you can catch a glimpse of sea turtles coming to shore to lay their eggs. At any time of year, though, it's home. Read more →

Source: via Brianna on Pinterest I'm pretty much in love with Flipboard since it means I can view some of my favorite sites in a more image-focused (and, perhaps, brain-focused) way. I tend to get super distracted away from websites and blogs when it's full of links, or when I have a manga tab open, which makes viewing via the Flipboard app that much better. One of my favorite sites to view with Flipboard is My Modern Metropolis. It always has stunning art and there are so many artists that I wouldn't have otherwise been made aware of without... Read more →