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September 2011

One of my best friends came to visit Caryn and I for the weekend. We had a fantastic time, which she shared more about in her blog, It's Beautiful Here. It's always the best time when a visit involves Melanie, but this particular visit meant we had a chance to take her to the Riverside Arts Market, RAM for short. It's a market held in Jacksonville, beneath a bridge, and is home to vendors of all types, as well as various kinds of performers. It was our first time visiting the market ourselves, so to have Melanie here for our... Read more →

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a truly heartfelt love note? Paper, and even electronic, testimonies from another person, driven to share their innermost feelings of love and adoration, can be many things--touching and warming, without a doubt. Sadly, in those forms, they are also subject to the elements, accidents, or many other unknowns beyond our control. Why not help those words become something more tangible, and a tad longer-lasting, that could also decorate your home or studio? Alisa Burke, of Alisa Burke: Redefine Creativity, shared a tutorial on her blog for transfering a love note to a pillow. How gorgeous are... Read more →