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Due to our intense love for Rowan, who happens to be Caryn's first dog, we frequently have to keep each other in check. No, we cannot afford another dog--neither in time or money. No, we honestly don't have the energy to keep up with our crazy Border Collie mix, regardless of how she's creeping closer to 9 years old, has arthritis in her back legs, and requires a chiropractor to align her back. (Know of any animal psychics that can tell this dog she needs to slow down?) But we love her and, because we love her, we wouldn't trade... Read more →

If you recall, the mattress and bed frame for the guest room project have been purchased and/or selected. The mattress has actually already arrived (I love you, Overstock!), and the new date to pick up the bed frame from IKEA is this coming weekend (yay as-is section!). Crossing all appendages. The only thing I can't get around is the pine of the frame; there's just no room for bare pine in our design plans. I'm typically a fan of the natural wood look, but because we won't be making any changes to the room itself, just what's going into it,... Read more →