Guest Room Progress: Mattress and Frame
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Guest Room Progress: Colors!

If you recall, the mattress and bed frame for the guest room project have been purchased and/or selected. The mattress has actually already arrived (I love you, Overstock!), and the new date to pick up the bed frame from IKEA is this coming weekend (yay as-is section!). Crossing all appendages.

The only thing I can't get around is the pine of the frame; there's just no room for bare pine in our design plans. I'm typically a fan of the natural wood look, but because we won't be making any changes to the room itself, just what's going into it, we want to interject color via the bed.

Last week we took a trip to Target to peruse bed linens, review the current color trends, and feel up on the different thread counts. I'm very fond of clean designs that use a lot of white, but also take care to strategically place pops of color throughout. Seeing as we have two animals who've been blessed with dark fur, one of whom will most certainly sneak onto the bed every change he gets, white is absolutely not the best choice. I do not, however, claim to experience rational thinking at all.

Standing there in the linen aisle, I couldn't move beyond desparately wanting white linens. It's such a clean base to build up from and is the perfect contrasting color to so many others. Caryn, however, was holding up a cream-colored set for my opinion. I may have experienced an internal tantrum because I'm super grown-up and always compromise (ha!). She knows me well enough that I'm sure she sensed the hissy fit going on inside my head, so relented and into the cart went the white linen set (YAY). We'll deal with the animal hair in other ways, I guess, or we'll curse a lot and blame the other one for the poor decision-making.

We also happened to fall in love with a dove gray color while looking around. When we held the gray up to a nearby turquoise, the combination created some serious happiness inside. We kept and purchased the white set, but the gray is definitely going to find its way into the linens or decorating somehow.

Keeping in mind the white linens, we have agreed to paint the frame bright turquoise. Great thing about painting wood? You can always sand and paint again, or paint right over it, if you want to freshen the design up at a later point.

Here's the problem, though: what color(s) do we pick to accent the white and turquoise? I'm leaning toward a dove gray with a few pops of red. That could change later on. (I can sometimes be a fickle creature.)

In research mode again, Caryn found some patterns at Urban Outfitters that we think could work:

Urban Outfitters Laerke Duvet   Urban Outfitters Zigzag Duvet

Can you imagine pops of red against those?

Other options would be:

  • to crochet a full/queen blanket using a fingering/sock weight yarn; or
  • buy a solid-colored coverlet, then crochet a throw for the foot of the bed.

Honestly, there are too many options(!) and potentially a lot of work for me. The blanket/coverlet issue is going to be the most difficult to settle on, I imagine.

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