Socks on a Plane (finished)
Finished Objects - Knitting Hats with DK Yarn. So Good.

Works in Progress - Razzle, Barley, Procrastinating on Packing

What moving in a month really means is that I'm procrastinating on too many things, all involving packing. Packing is the worst. Followed by cleaning areas that were missed for too long. Ew. Fairly certain there's dog hair still caught in corners of the carpet, even though Rowan passed seven months ago. Not looking forward to the carpet cleaning.

I'm off topic before I even really got on it. Oops.

My method of procrastinating the packing has been to work on knitting projects. One project, Razzle, is using some Test Run yarn. I dyed it, thinking it might replace the existing 100% Superwash Merino base I have now (Mei), but I like the way my current base takes dye better. Still, not wanting to waste the yarn, I figured I'd knit it up into a shawl for myself. I won the pattern in a giveaway, so it felt like fate. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Razzle - Swoonish, Mei - Work In Progress
Plum Taffy (border); Wildflowers Breaking (body)

WIP Razzle - the Border
Razzle - border and body

The pink is truer in the first WIP photo, and I've gotten further in the pattern than the last photo. Waiting until I'm done to take a clear photo, as it's a lot of short row stitches and the progress looks a lot alike. When it's all done and blocked, I'll give it a proper photo shoot. Excited to see it completed!

This past week I decided to do a random dye night for my new base, Livy, which is an 8-ply DK weight. It's a plump and scrumptious yarn, takes dye so well, and to show off it's great stitch definition, I decided to knit something up in the two colorways I recently dyed.

Two new colorways dyed up on Livy

Barley - Swoonish, Livy - Work In Progress
unnamed colorway (top left)

I'm currently at the point in the Barley pattern, which is a design from Tin Can Knits, where I'm working the decreases at the crown of the hat. Another Instagram photo with my phone, but you can still see how nicely it's working up below.

Barley hat in progress

I should have the hat completed tonight before the new week starts. Looking forward to working the other colorway into something else. Perhaps a cowl? A quick one. A quick-y cowl. And then, I guess, I'll have to re-focus on getting prepared for the move.

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