Works in Progress - Razzle, Barley, Procrastinating on Packing
Hand-painting Roving - Gathering supplies and prepping roving

Finished Objects - Knitting Hats with DK Yarn. So Good.

Previously, I shared works in progress, one of which was the Barley hat by Tin Can Knits. That's been completed, blocked, and now sadly packed away since it's really close to moving time(!). I knit it with my new DK line, called Livy, and it held up beautifully. Really loving how much squish there is, and how quickly the pattern knit up.

It took a few days, but I eventually got it all blocked out, and it grew by at least 3-4" for some exceptional floppiness. Definitely gives enough room to flip the brim up for added ear warmth if needed this winter. How perfect does it match my eyes? Good dye job, me!

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I also completed another hat, April Showers, by Daniela Richardson (CaffeinatedGert of the Caffeinated Knitting podcast with Allie), which was super fun. I admit to falling a bit short of some brains, as I kept hitting a problem in the start of the body. After some brief chatting with Daniela, and a helpful suggestion that reminded me stitch markers have a purpose, I was able to work out where I kept going wrong. After that, the hat zipped along.

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Again, this hat is on the Livy base, and it's so fantastic. It fits more like a beanie, though it's a little slouchy after some blocking. The colors don't work for me, so this is going to be a sample for Swoonish, rather than something I'd wear. Still, the pattern was quick, fun, and it blocked out so beautifully that I will be more than happy to knit another.

Since the move is happening in two weeks, the shop has been put on vacation, and I'm packing away all my knitting. Afterwards, once I'm settled in, I'm planning on knitting Make it Work by Allie Coffey (Allie of Caffeinated Knitting podcast). Those girls make such fun things, and it's a pleasure to knit something they designed when I get to see them spinning my fiber or knitting my dyed yarn. Super excited about being close enough to visit with them pretty soon!

Hope everyone is working on some ideas for summer projects. Can't wait! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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