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Guest Room Progress: Colors!

Guest Room Progress: Mattress and Frame

I previously mentioned that we began moving forward with plans for the guest room rather quickly. It was only a few moments after we agreed that, yes, we were (a) crazy, and (b) totally going through with it, that we sat down in front of the laptop, researched mattresses, and made our first purchase for the project.

We knew we wanted to go with a memory foam mattress, particularly since our own mattress is a 10" Bodipedic with a 4lb density, and is easily one of the best purchases we've ever made. For the guest room, however, we chose an 8" memory foam mattress by Serta, purchased via Overstock (love).

Side note: my mother, who has a steel cage and screws in her back to support deteriorated discs, tries to visit in order to sneak a nap on our bed while I'm working, so that's a testament to its awesome powers.

I'm not sure why we didn't think to purchase a similar mattress for a guest bed before. Perhaps it was a subconscious choice not to make guests too comfortable? It's fair to say that we've probably screwed ourselves with that purchase, and, since the money has already been spent, it's a choice we'll have to live with. 

Here's a fun fact about my dear Caryn: she loves research. Even if she didn't, I doubt she could help herself. Because of that, I left her the task to find a bed frame that made the most sense for both us and the space. Without fail, she found an affordable frame via IKEA, which happens to be both simplistic and nice in its original state. What we like about the bed frame is that it allows for a wide variety of changes and improvements due to its clean lines and low price.

IKEA Fjellse
If you search IKEA Hackers, many people have purchased the same bed frame and their end products have been amazing:

image from  image from
Left: Heart Tree Home; Right: Manhattan Nest

Look at that upholstery! I don't think we'll be doing any upholstering of the bed. If we do, maybe just the inset sections? The only thing I know right now is that I'm getting anxious for everything to begin arriving.

Update: Caryn and I are actually driving the hour and a half to the nearest IKEA tomorrow in order to pick up the bed frame (and maybe other little goodies?). How could we possibly turn down the opportunity to spend time inside that store?

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