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Don't freak; just design a guest room before September

We have a friend coming to see us in September for a weekend of hanging out and being awesome. The problem is that our "guest room" is currently being occupied by us. Long story short: master bathroom flooded out into the master bedroom and walk-in closet, leaving us to have all furnishings piled up in the living room, with our mattress on the floor of the spare/guest room. The property management company is taking their sweet time (it's been 2 months since I woke up and stepped down into the pond that was our room), but we hope it will all be tiled and carpeted within the next couple of weeks.

To keep ourselves distracted from the fuckery (hey, the cursing has begun!), we got to thinking about what we were going to do regarding the sleeping arrangements for our guest. We don't have plans to remain in our current house for much longer--maybe 6 months or so(?)--which means it's a little crazy for us to think about bed linens, color choices, and furniture. In reality, those are all things we'll have to pack and move when it comes time to leave. What are we doing to ourselves?

The problem is definitely one of our own making, but since neither of us are overly fond of offering guests the couch, we agreed to move forward with setting up a proper guest room. Seeing as we'll need all of the same things in our next home, we're generally okay with excusing the temporary insanity.

The basic necessities (mattress, bed frame), which I'll discuss at a later time, were, or will be, purchased right away. I think we acted as quickly (read: impulsively) as we did so we wouldn't talk ourselves out of it, then feel guilty when our friend had to make due with only a couch that they may not find comfortable. Whatever the reason behind the rush, I'm excited to have a project to focus on for a while.

"Pond Dreams" pattern from envelop.eu "Fox boy with singing birds" from envelop.euLeft: "Pond dreams" via Envelop; Right: "Fox boy with singing birds" via Envelop.

Pillows above are some recent color inspiration that I'm really enjoying the simple act of looking at.

The next steps, though, involve what the pillows above represent--making a whole lot of much harder decisions. For example: what color palette do we want to go with; do we purchase a blanket/coverlet or do I crochet one; and how can we make the most of the space without doing too much work for a house we won't be staying in for much longer?

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