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Love Notes

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a truly heartfelt love note? Paper, and even electronic, testimonies from another person, driven to share their innermost feelings of love and adoration, can be many things--touching and warming, without a doubt. Sadly, in those forms, they are also subject to the elements, accidents, or many other unknowns beyond our control. Why not help those words become something more tangible, and a tad longer-lasting, that could also decorate your home or studio?

Alisa Burke, of Alisa Burke: Redefine Creativity, shared a tutorial on her blog for transfering a love note to a pillow.

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How gorgeous are those pillows? I absolutely love them. It's a real shame that my sewing skills are extremely limited. What I really mean is that I completely suck at sewing and frequently stab myself. Even just trying to take a needle out of its packaging results in blood. Still, the pillows are on my list of things to attempt (to persuade someone else to make) at some time in the future.

Something tells me that doing something similar, perhaps in a quilt-block pattern, would be quite breathtaking. Maybe bolster pillows, a throw, upholstered headboard, or--OH! What about a large enough piece that could be framed as artwork? I bet that's something I could figure out without any unnecessary and pesky sewing skills.

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