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January 2015

Over the past several months I've been telling myself that I should do what I can, when I can, and not push myself unnecessarily–it's been about a healthier me, both mind and body, though mostly body. It would seem that reverse psychology works really, really–like really, really–well on me. So far this year I have dyed more than I did in the latter half of last year, and I didn't even procrastinate the photographing and listing of the finished items in the shop. Really pleased with myself over that one! Now, to be fair, the times I've dyed this year... Read more →

The end of 2014 saw me dyeing yarn for a project that was destined to end up in (or more appropriately "on") my best friend's hands. I had hoped to finish it before we took a trip to North Carolina, but by the time it came to hit the road, I had only finished one half of the project. Said project was a set of Colorblock Handwarmers. I managed to finish the second half during the evenings in the hotel, with time to spare for her to enjoy them while in the wilds of Pilot Mountain. It was with chattering... Read more →