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Making Today Count: a project of small moments

North Carolina helped me finish a knitting project. Really!

The end of 2014 saw me dyeing yarn for a project that was destined to end up in (or more appropriately "on") my best friend's hands. I had hoped to finish it before we took a trip to North Carolina, but by the time it came to hit the road, I had only finished one half of the project.

Said project was a set of Colorblock Handwarmers. I managed to finish the second half during the evenings in the hotel, with time to spare for her to enjoy them while in the wilds of Pilot Mountain.

image from image from

It was with chattering teeth that we stood on the mountain, in the fog-heavy woods, our breath coming out in steaming puffs that hung in the air. It was important to me to showcase the handwarmers in the right environment, and I think I captured what I set out to get. I'm pretty proud of them, though I can see one or two small imperfections due to my haste in finishing them up, but they do their job quite well.

And because I enjoyed the mountain so much, and the time we spent in North Carolina, here are some photos from the trip up the mountain to show off the atmosphere the photoshoot took place in. We're hoping to move to that area, so I'll be spending more time on that mountain in all the seasons, I'm sure.

Icicle formations Foggy rock formations

So much fog The fog made everything sort of dreamy, then the cold bit through our clothes and we raced back to the car

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