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I've been thinking more and more about the individual properties or aspects of running your own business, be it hobby or otherwise. One of the obvious things I need, being in the fiber industry, is a label that works; and not just works, but works on multiple levels and for multiple factors: States the brand; Provides info for yarn or spinning fiber (base name, fibers, weight, colorway); and Is eye-catching but not distracting I loved the labels I used to have for The Yarn Side several years ago; they were kind of rock'n'roll and worked for both my yarn and... Read more →

I began writing a post the other day, all about a business aspect that I was dealing with, but when sitting down this fine Sunday to finish writing, I blanked. My mind was empty, all thoughts about that topic (branding) I may have had at one point had left me. That's fine, that's fine. I'm hopeful it'll all come back to me. (Please come back to me.) As I sit here now, taking occasional peeks of the sun beginning its journey down, I'm feeling very in-the-moment and peaceful. (And also sleepy, but that's pretty much every day.) In the air... Read more →