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The Costs of Business: Labeling Your Work

I've been thinking more and more about the individual properties or aspects of running your own business, be it hobby or otherwise. One of the obvious things I need, being in the fiber industry, is a label that works; and not just works, but works on multiple levels and for multiple factors:

  • States the brand;
  • Provides info for yarn or spinning fiber (base name, fibers, weight, colorway); and
  • Is eye-catching but not distracting

I loved the labels I used to have for The Yarn Side several years ago; they were kind of rock'n'roll and worked for both my yarn and fiber (combed top and batts). You can kind of see what they looked like here, in an old Yarnography club installment:

Yarnography - 2010 club installment "Mapped Out"
Yarnography - 2010 club installment "Mapped Out"

When I began Swoonish, and picked up dyeing again, I didn't have a lot of money to invest, and was using inventory I still had from The Yarn Side. To be frank, I still don't have a lot of money to invest, but sometimes putting money out for something you believe important can make it worthwhile. Labels are one of the few things that can make a big impact, so I've decided to invest a bit more than I did in the early Swoonish labels.

The early labels were folded business cards from an online printer, and I think they're adorable, simple, and they work. They had all the pertinent information and had a little personality. They were, perhaps, playing it safe(?) and not quite what I wanted. Maybe I missed a bit of that rock'n'roll from years past. So I decided to move on to something a bit more in line with my vision and personality. And apparently my vision and personality are that of a pick-up artist? It's very hey you (¬‿¬), complete with a cocky smirk and lean.

Swoonish - new hang tags

The above is the main tag, which on the back will have the information about the yarn or fiber. There are special ones, however, that will hang with it, and that's where I had the most fun. Just bright pops of color with feel-sy (totally a word) thoughts that I try to have my work invoke in people. They'll come in the following colors, along with a charcoal gray, and one will hang with every skein of fiber or braid.


I specifically want hang tags this time around, rather than a wrap-around label. While I think the wrap-around style is neat and compact, with no risk of a hang tag getting caught on something, they tend to obliterate the whole view of a skein. If you don't reskein specific colorways because you prefer how it looks twisted up as it was dyed, then adding a wrap-around label can hide a large area that keeps customers from seeing that portion. To avoid that, since I make reskeining decisions based on what I think looks best (and sometimes when things got a bit crazy during the dye process), a hang tag will work for my needs.

It's my hope that the new tags I've worked out will receive the response I'm looking for; it's always a bit of a risk when you venture beyond the obvious safe zone. The tags cost a bit more than printing them myself, or having a single label printed from an online source, but I want to grab the attention of browsers, then have my products grab them in return.

In any case, I can't wait to have these arrive and start adding them to everything in the shop!

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