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Late night thoughts about ICD healing so far

Day 17 selfie
The "17 days post ICD surgery" selfie

The photo above is proof that I'm out and about, enjoying my life (that's me on the right, btw). Today was antiquing and driving along the Atlantic coast, feeling the ocean breeze against my face and through my hair, and it makes up for dinner being disappointing.

Nothing about this experience with the heart failure or the ICD/AICD surgery is getting me down. I'm doing what I can do with the idea that the rest will take care of itself.

With that, I leave you with some stuff behind the cut, which is a pictorial of my surgery journey so far, and a bit more gabbing. It's amazing seeing the progression of healing so far, though honestly the blistering looked worse than the actual incision.

Day 1:


Day 6:


Day 9:


Day 11:


Day 17:


So! It's definitely getting there. All of the blistering from the adhesive on the steri-strips is gone and I'm painting on the neosporin to keep it from scarring. The incision itself looks better, though it's hard to see that in the day-to-day, so it's good for me to see these progression shots.

Both ends of the incision are still a little swollen and sore; the middle section is nice and pretty level with a neat seam where they glued the skin together. Outside of the ends there's still a pocket of tenderness toward my arm and will likely be felt for another month or so.

I'm ready for it to be done healing, but I'll deal with it since it's all for saving my life and keeping the bum ticker in check. I'm pretty sure I felt it pacing my heart back to a controlled beat a couple of times, as each time felt similar to when the device tech (I'm to see a tech every 3-4 months to check that everything is working as it should) was tweaking the knobs and testing the rate and strength.

I can't describe how much I dislike knowing that my heart can be controlled by a guy with a wand and a bluetooth connection.

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