This Dyer's Best Friend (Don't tell my actual best friends)
Swoonish Fiber Club: February Reveal

Meet Asher! A stinking cute addition to the family.

Long story short: a puppy joined the family! He's a rescue puppy, who was named Wyatt by his foster mother. I refuse to have an animal named after a Charmed character (the whole litter of puppies were named after Charmed characters; no, thank you). After playing the alphabet game on the 2.5 hour drive home with him, Caryn and I settled on Asher. Ash. Ash-face. Ash-hat. Ash-hole. Hey you.

Here's the fierce creature, working on strengthening his teeth and jaws on some stick that had it coming. Look at that evil glare! Fear the tiny cute thing with an insatiable appetite and horrible puppy breath...

Welcome Home, Asher

There are a slew of photos and videos on my Instagram already, and I swear that he's grown a full pound and an inch since he joined us on the 5th. Puppies are gross, yet somehow magical at the same time. Except when they pee just outside the potty pad. The little jerk. I'm keeping him.

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