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Swoonish Fiber Club: February Reveal

I'm behind in sharing this on the blog–oops!

Friends of mine (the lovely hosts of the Caffeinated Knitting podcast) asked me to do a mystery fiber club for them, so that they can explore colors and fibers outside of their comfort zone. I decided to play along, since it would allow me my own opportunity to explore fibers I haven't dyed before.

The first installment was in February, which you can see below.

Swoonish Fiber Club - February 2016 - The Ama Pearl Divers
February 2016 - The Ama Pearl Divers

The fiber I chose for them was a blend of superwash merino, bamboo, and nylon. This was a specific blend I hadn't dyed before, though I've dyed a 50/50 merino-bamboo in the past. I knew what to expect as far as color take-up (bamboo is one of my favorite fibers to blend with because of how it shimmers against the other fibers), but the nylon adds strength for spinners who want to spin durable yarn for socks.

Here's another view of the fiber, as it was packaged in the club box they received.

Swoonish Fiber Club - February 2016 - The Ama Pearl Divers
February 2016 - The Ama Pearl Divers

After having so much fun working on the February installment, I decided to open up the March installment for more people. The signups for March are already closed, and I'm working on finalizing the colors so that I can dye those up this weekend. The fiber I chose is so remarkable that I had to buy up all the available fiber from the supplier. Once the March installment is received, and I've posted the reveal photos on Instagram, I'll be able to share the details of what the fiber is; it's breathtaking is all I can tell you now.

April signups will begin later this week or next, and listed in the shop.

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