Hey, I'm dyeing over here (and Brianna meets a goal she set)
Mei - four plies of sweet merino heaven

Sneak peek at some hand-dyed merino

Sneak PeekI've been slowly dyeing some yarn that I wanted to try out. There are two bases--the first being 100% Merino (superwash) in a light fingering weight, the other being a 50/50 blend of Alpaca and Silk in a sport weight. The latter is pretty fuzzy and a single ply.

I dyed a couple of skeins in two shades of green, as well as teal, then overdyed in a bit of olive to tone things down. I knew the colors were what I wanted after the skeins dried, but sometimes reskeining can change the way the colors look next to each other.

Sometimes dyeing can produce surprises, and this was definitely a pleasant surprise.

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