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Inspiration: Bee Mice Elf's color series

Bee Mice Elf is run by dyer Lars, based out of California, who has been working on a series called Mixed-Up Monday. I don't know how I've missed it, but I have, and I look forward to each new update.

An amazing exploration of using a base of CMYK dye solutions, Lars' Mondays involve walking through how she mixes the dyes, then uses different strengths and blends to create various shades and tones. Each update to the series is a thing of beauty. Here's an example of her latest mix for purples:

Bee Mice Elf - Mixed-up Monday in Purples

Thing of freaking beauty. Just look how mixing different colors warms or cools the main color mix! I really dig a lot of the mixes that involve the inclusion of brown. I've used black to overdye/glaze colors, and it's my favorite thing to do these days, but the brown may need to make it's way into some new experiments.

Inspired by her work, and generosity in sharing how she does what she does, I've set aside my own CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) selections for playing later. Maybe I'll even share my own adventures at some point! The trick will be to have loved ones get, and remain, healthy so we're not all splitting time between responsibilities and hospitals.

That aside, I think I may use the new yarn I'm testing for some mixology. I'm already uncertain about one base, since it looks like a loose ply and I'm not really a fan of that, but it may look, work, and feel completely different after dyeing and drying. May as well experiment on both sides–base and dye–so there's no harm, no foul, should something blow up in my face.

Not literally. I've never blown up yarn or fiber. Not that I recall, and I'm fairly certain that's something I'd remember, even with my awful memory.

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