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Making Today Count: protecting the goods

One of my recent tasks for Swoonish was to protect the spinning fibers while being stored. Between moving from the drying rack to the table for photographs, then to the office for inventory, there are numerous ways in which the fiber can be disrupted. In trying to preserve the smoothness, which is difficult enough during the dye processes at times, I purchased protective covers to place them in for storage. It also gives me a chance to neatly insert the tag with fiber info (type, colorway, etc). All professional like.

My lazy game was strong that day, as some yarn and the Canon camera were hanging out in the background of the shot. I cropped the Instagram photo here so that the focus is on the fiber and not on the proof of my laziness. Good choices, me! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Swoonish fibers all packaged up!
Swoonish fibers packaged up

It looks like I'll need to get a slightly larger sleeve size for some of the floofier (that's a word, right?) fibers (BFL is a very springy fiber, so it tends to take up more space than say a blend of merino and bamboo), but what I have works for now.

Since I mentioned it, here's a comparison of a Blue Faced Leicester braid and a Merino/Bamboo braid:

100% Superwash BFL - 4 ounce braid
100% Superwash BFL - 4 ounce braid
50% Merino, 50% Bamboo - 4 ounce braid
50% Merino, 50% Bamboo - 4 ounce braid

Pretty certain you can see how flat the Merino/Bamboo lies compared to the poof of the BFL. May make me reconsider how I'm packaging them, but for right now it works. Learn and move forward!

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